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Arthur Marie


Arthur Marie (b. 1996, Cherbourg, France) is an artist living and working in Montfarville. He got his M.A. from the ESAM of Caen in 2019. His work has been recently included in the Confort Moderne, Poitiers.

Marie’s interest in the blurred boundaries of youth masculinity and peripheral territories take form visually into sculptures and drawings. Deprived of emotions, the inflatable sculptures depict almost alive creatures that aren’t fully formed yet. Isolated and fragile, they’re made up of a thin plastic skin that seems to fade away in the background, losing their materiality and becoming almost ghostly figures. The No Safety series is an exploration of the enigmatic relationship between darkness and light. Through the use of meticulously layered drawings, halos and undefined shapes emerge to illuminate somber gaseous atmospheres.

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